Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Roadside Memorials

Just a random rant,

First of all I would like to say to all the families and friends that have lost a loved one in an accident on a road or highway, My prayers and thoughts go out to all of you, I to have lost a close friend in a highway accident.

Recently in local news the topic of roadside memorials came to play, mostly centering around one display that was rather large and was taken down one night by someone other than family and then replaced with more crosses and a tacky sign.

I understand what the families and friends are trying to do with these memorials, but as a regular citizen I think they are and eye sore and if I wanted to drive by a cemetary I would, but on my regular route everyday I do not enjoy seeing these. There are people who are sensitive and would like to see these up forever, but is that not what the cemetary with the expensive tomb stone is for? They say its to remember the people that have lost their lives there, yes that is true, but can you not remember them in another way, like maybe visit their graves, or a small memorial in your home, a picture in the wallet or purse, or even a picture in your car?

I know some people may think this is harsh, but if this person was such a loved one would you not take the time to visit the grave instead of putting a memorial in front of someones house or in the middle of a street? When my friend died with his two buddies from work years ago in a head on collision, there was three small crosses placed on the side of the highway, they stayed there for alittle over a week till the actual memorial took place, where at that time we all had a place to remember our friend and family members, those crosses were removed and brought to their graves.

I am all for this new by-law that may take effect, but 90 days is a long time, more so for the people that have to look at it each and every day, I would like to see it come down to 1 week maybe 2 tops, till the ceremony takes place then take them down. I may sound like a complete ass, but everyone is sorry for your loss, and everyone would hate to have it happen to them, but you are putting your pain and suffering on us all with these over the top memorials, yes someone died there, but their body and soul are not there anymore, remember the site privately and leave Mr amd Mrs Jones accross the street out of it, they know what happened there, you dont have to remind them everyday.